Monday, May 6, 2013

Title I District Championship !!!

Title I celebrated the District Championship last Saturday May 4th at Booker T. Washington High School and the McMillan Chess Team performed better than ever scoring 15 points and getting a 3rd place overall in the 6-8 category. The other places were as followed: 1st Place was for Rockway Middle School, 2nd for Hialeah Gardens and 4th and 5th were for Shenandoah and West Miami respectively.

I can say that after a long season the hard work paid off and the Chess Team is finally among the best in Miami Dade County Public Schools.

With 64 Schools competing, hundreds of students and parents participating we can say that the competition was a total success.

Finally I have to say that the Closing Ceremony was amazing. It was the best Ceremony I have witnessed since I’ve been participating in Title I Chess Competitions. It all started with Dr. Eddy Barreiro’ speech about how Title I supports Chess and all the efforts everyone has put towards Chess Education. He also talked about how Dr. Magaly Abrahante and our Chess Commissioner Elizabeth Tejada have put a lot of effort to make sure The Chess Program stays in our Schools. After that came the Superintendent Alberto Carvalho’ speech also mentioning and encouraging parents and coaches to continue working together to offer the best to our students and finally Dr. Holloway’ speech also supporting parents, students and coaches.

In general I have to say that it was a good feeling to know that there are so many people supporting Chess Education and that our students are the ones receiving the benefits.

Here as usual I am sharing a few pictures of the Competition.

Alicia (center) and Jesus on the back of the room getting ready for their last round.

Brian (standing) and Jerome on the back also getting ready for the last round.

Ethan (left) who scored an important win on the last round vs. a student from Shenandoah.

With Commissioner Elizabeth Tejada

With Mrs. Chang (former Assistant Principal at H. D. McMillan Middle)

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho at the closing ceremony

The McMillan Chess Team along with Superintendent Alberto Carvalho and Dr. Holloway.

Dr. Holloway and Superintendent Alberto Carvalho at the closing ceremony.

With Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

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