Monday, February 25, 2008

McMillan 2nd Tournament Results Unexpected !!!

McMillan Chess Team celebrated their 2nd Tournament of the School Year with some mayor changes and unexpected results.

Q: Which mayor changes occurred in the Tournament?
A: The first change was the inclusion of two computers opponents in the Tournament, Seth (707) and Miranda (1154), the second change was reducing the amount of rounds going from 13 to 7 rounds only, and the last change was the rating of the Tournament, it means everyone was rated.

Q: Why the Results were unexpected?
A: For two reasons, 1st Nobody expected that Miranda 1154 (one of the computer opponents) was going to win this Tournament, and even worse the way she won it (7-0); in fact we were expecting her to get 6th or 7th place; and 2nd Nobody also expected that Aaron Guanch (our absolute winner of the First Tournament was going to have a bad Tournament)

Q: What was the Final Standing and what is the new ELO of everyone?
A: The Final standing and ELO of everyone is the following: 1st Miranda 1005, 2nd Mike Lee 1000, 3rd Nathan Larrea 952, 4th – 6th Roy Anania 925, Seth (computer opponent) 915, Donovan Garcia 925, 7th – 9th Jorge Hernandez 912, Anthony Tabbitas 912, Anthony Ros 912, 10th – 13th Aaron Guanch 885, Oscar Anchia 899, Jonas Navarro 885, Nicholas Sanchez 885, 14th Antonio Marti 877, 15th Adam Ashby 825 and 16th Rene Torres 817.

Q: What’s next for the Chess Team?
A: Study more and Get ready for the next Tournament.