Monday, May 16, 2011

Study Guide for Final Exam

Hi everyone

Here I am posting the study guide for the Final Exam. Solve all puzzles.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chess Tournament Results - Report

Today the McMillan Chess Team participated in the Title I District Chess Championship. It was a beautiful day to play chess and as usual it was well organized and everyone had a great time. In general everyone knows that with the support of Title I administration we have been able to run this chess program successfully throughout the Miami Dade County Public Schools for a few years now. Now, I can not help but wonder, is there anything NEW Title I along with the Chess Facilitators can do next year? How about letting the Chess Facilitators compete also? Wouldn't it be a good idea to open a section just for them? It is just a thought but I think most Chess Facilitators would enjoy that. For now I just want to thank the Title I Administration again for their invaluable support. Here I am sharing some pictures of the tournament.

Eduardo Vigo getting ready for the 1st Round

Jose Ferrer was a little nervous

Ruben Martinez as usual very optimistic

Christophe Bacallao was confident for the 1st Round

The kids playing with the giant pieces

The kids playing with the giant pieces

From left to right: Mr. Diez, Ruben, Christophe and Eduardo

Mr. Diez (Chess Facilitator) and his friend Mr. Barreiro (one of the Title I Administration organizers)
Mrs. Tejada and Mrs. Madrid at the closing ceremony

The trophies

Dr. Abrahante at the closing ceremony