Friday, May 11, 2012

Quiz - Forsyth Notation

Quiz – Forsyth Notation

Name: _______________________________________________ Date: 5-11-12

1. Write the following position using the Forsyth Notation

2. Using the following board, find all the mistakes made when using the Forsyth Notation:


3. Explain the mistakes made when notating the 8th rank of four different games:

a) 2rkK3

b) r3B1r2

c) Q21n3K

d) 1Rk3Kq

Sunday, May 6, 2012

District Championship Results 2012

Hi everyone
I am happy to say that our Chess Team got 5th Place at the Title I District Championship yesterday, May 5th. It was a nice day to play chess and everyone had a great time. I also have to say that I received a lot of support from the parents which is always very important in the success of the kids. Great Job Team!!!

Here are some pictures of the Tournament.

From left to right: Michael, Jesus, Mr. Diez, Patrick, Brian and Marcos

Patrick getting ready for his last round.

Jesus finishing strong in the last Round.

Brian seemed very happy with his performance

Michael a little worried for Round 5.

Marcos also finishing strong and scoring the highest of the Team.

The Team getting the Award.