Monday, April 2, 2012

South Regional Tournament Results.

The McMillan Chess Team faced some of the strongest Teams out there last Saturday at the South Regional Chess Tournament getting 5th place and classifying for the District Championship next Month. The McMillan Chess Team realized that some extra work needs to be done if they are planning on getting in the top 5 at the District level on May 5th, 2012.
Here are some pictures of the Team at the Tournament.

Warming up before the 1st Round.

Ethan getting ready to win his 1st game.

Marcos before starting his 1st game.

Michael seemed a little worried for his 1st round game.

Jesus waiting for his opponent to show up.

Patrick seemed very happy since 1st round.

Jerome was also waiting for his opponent to show up.

Brian taking things seriously since the beginning.

 The Team was celebrating after scoring all possible points in Round 1.

A Team Picture, from left to right: Mr. Diez, Brian, Jesus (on back), Jerome, Patrick, Marcos, Ethan and Michael.

Everyone waiting for the Award Ceremony.

The Team picking up the Award.