Monday, March 18, 2013

South Regional Chess Tournament Report !!!

The South Regional Chess Tournament last Saturday hosted by the Title I Administration was a total success. There were a total of 390 students competing from more than 30 Schools. As usual it was very well organized and the kids, parents and Chess Teachers had a great time. The McMillan Chess Team got 3rd place missing 2nd place by just 1.5 points. 1st and 2nd places were for Rockway and Shenandoah respectively so Congratulations to all of them!!! The best ten teams per category were invited to compete at the District Championship on May 4th so the McMillan Chess Team will be present hoping to be within the best 5 teams of the County.

Here I am sharing some pictures of the Tournament.

Brian getting ready for the 1st Round. Brian finished in 9th place individually

Jerome waiting for his opponent who never showed up. Jerome scored a very important win in the last round vs. Shenandoah.

Ethan and Patrick were ready for the 1st round

Alicia was a little sick in the morning but she felt better after winning her 1st round.

Jesus was also ready for round #1.

Bernie was the rookie but he still got two wins for the team.  

Angel waiting for his 1st round

Some of the Parents waiting outside the playing room.

After one of the rounds just talking, playing chess and waiting for the next round.

Brian and Jesus analyzing a position

The Team getting the Trophy

The Team getting the Trophy

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